Welcome to Haven

Our space was built with love and inspiration. We hope you find play, creativity, freedom, community and so much more at Haven.



Haven has four 11.5ft high, 45mm stainless steel Lupit poles. Each one is equipped with an advanced mode switch that allows you to change from static to spin, and back, quickly and easily without the need for tools. Watch the how-to video.



Improve your mobility and flexibility with Haven’s secure stall bars. Standing at almost 8ft tall, our stall bars are made of tough beech wood strong enough to handle up to 275 pounds.


Floors, natural Light & mirrors

Approximately 800 sq. ft of smooth yet durable laminate flooring spans Haven’s space—ideal for a variety of dance and fitness activities. Abundant natural light floods through the 7 ft tall frosted windows, creating an airy and inviting ambience for both personal and professional shoots. Haven’s wall-to-wall 8 ft mirrors reflect it all.


lighting design

After golden hour, Haven offers four different lighting environments to help create the perfect mood or Instagram post. For video and photoshoot bookings, lighting and colors can be further customized beyond the four presets. Check out some of our favorite Haven shoots!


For renting the space without poles, please contact us directly.